Ten Non-Animal Reasons to Go on Safari in the Serengeti

October 18, 2017

If you are anything like me when you think of going on safari in the Serengeti National Park you think about seeing the Big Five animals and the Great Migration. You don’t necessarily think about the landscape. Throughout my time in the park I was constantly astounded by the beauty of the place. I hope you enjoy these few moments I was able to capture.

1. dust & wind

Dust whirlwinds sweep across the savanna stirred up by the hot winds. This natural phenomena set against the big cloud-filled sky was particularly stunning.

Whirlwind Serengeti National Park Tanzania
Dust and Wind
2. Contrasts of light & dark

It’s those brief moments when the shade of a tree breaks up the light from the golden plain that move me.

Plains Serengeti National Park
Plains of the Serengeti
3. views from the roof

One of the joys of a safari is looking out of the pop-up roof of your safari vehicle. Whether this means standing up to snap a few animal photos or taking a moment to just sit back and gaze up, the view never disappoints.

View from my safari vehicle
View from my safari vehicle
4. trees rising from the savanna

I visited at the end of the wet season and some of the trees were already showing the effects of less water. This particular tree stood at a crossroads and was particularly stunning. In the distance are the famous umbrella trees.

Tree Serengeti National Park
Lone tree in the Serengeti
5. Whistling Acacia Thorn Trees

There are many different types of acacia trees in the Serengeti. This whistling acacia thorn tree is the tallest I saw while in the park and we passed it a few times during our safari.

Secretary Birds Serengeti National Park
Secretary Birds in The Serengeti
6. Sunrises

We woke up extra early on our third day and drove out to a small hill to watch the sunrise. Despite the clouds hanging low on the horizon, the sunrise still proved to be stunning.

Sunrise Serengeti
Sunrise over the Serengeti
7. Candelabra Trees

Looking like something more appropriate to an alien landscape, the candelabra trees are one of the most unusual forms of flora I have ever seen. They are actually gigantic poisonous succulents (www.wildlife-of-africa.com/trees/candelabra-tree.htm).

Candelabra Trees Serengeti
Candelabra Trees
8. kopjes

Every so often the endless plains were broken by an outcropping of rock called a kopje. Antelope and other small animals frequented these outcroppings.

Kopje Serengeti
Kopje rising out of the Serengeti plains
9. the cycle of life

I found this particular group of trees back-lit by the bright blue sky to be quite beautiful.

The diverse landscape of the Serengeti
10. driving through The endless plains

As we were heading out of the park our driver took us along an alternate route that extended out onto the endless plains. The horizon was flat and extended as far as the eye could see. Our view only ever broken by kopjes, like the one below, in the distance.

Serengeti Plains
Driving through the endless plains of the Serengeti

    1. These pictures are stunning and beautiful! Your descriptions are educational and informative.

    1. Truly amazing. I want to go there too. It is amazing what kind of plant life survives in this type of environment.

    1. Great pictures! I’ve never done an exotic safari, just been round an animal park in the UK but this has certainly whet my appetite. Lots to see!

    1. Candelabra trees are the most beautiful things in the world, too bad I can’t grow one in my apartment haha!

    1. Wow. Loved your pictures. I do agree with all the reasons. I too like them because you are far away from the maddening urban crowds and endless plains to enjoy!

    1. Beautiful! I can almost feel the air, the calm, the heat and the excitement of seeing the animal so close. Or just being there far from the civilisation!

    1. Amazing pics..no wonder these are some fantastic reasons to go on safari…I think animals are just get ignore..ha ha..beautifully clicked…keep sharing

    1. I love the fact that your emphasis is on the environment and not the animals. This feature is no less important than the animals, but so often overlooked. A beautiful article.

    1. This is such a cool article. I have always wanted to go on safari but to see the animals. I like that you show case all the other beautiful things that one can see while on this adventure.

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