Ultimate Gift Guide for the World Traveler

November 19, 2017

Over the years many people have asked me what items I travel with or would recommend as my top travel must-haves. I decided to compile this list of some of my favorite travel essentials. Everything on this list is something that I have used. I hope you are inspired and able to find the perfect gift for the adventurous world traveler in your life!

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The Gift Guide
If you are anything like me a comfortable pillow is an absolute necessity. I love this Thermarest pillow because it is lightweight, takes up hardly any space when compressed and fluffs up into a full, thick pillow.
Having a place to safely store cash while traveling to remote and less safe parts of the world is a must. I found this money belt and use it every time I travel. It is flat, unobtrusive, and can hold a surprisingly large amount of notes.
When traveling to the more remote parts of the world, I often choose to travel without a suitcase and this backpack fits my needs perfectly. The pack fits the female frame perfectly and has proven to be very durable. It can hold everything I would need for a two week trip.
For those times when I do choose to travel with luggage, I use my Samsonite. I bought one similar to this about eight years ago and am still using it today. I prefer soft-shells because they can expand when needed. You never know when you might need a little bit more space at the end of your trip!
A lightweight, super thin, and incredibly warm down jacket is ideal for anyone traveling to multiple destinations. I always carry one.
A good scarf is a must have for every traveler, especially when heading to colder destinations. I always carry one just in case the temperature drops. Even in tropical climates a shawl can be useful when dealing with overly enthusiastic air-conditioners.
All of my pictures on my blog have been taken with either my smart phone or my Canon. Don’t let the size fool you – this little camera has a great digital zoom. While on safari in Tanzania I was able to capture amazing images of leopards far in the distance!
I love to write about where I have been and a journal is the easiest way to quickly note down my thoughts while on the road.
Price: $13.49
Was: $14.99
These days most regular travelers carry a lot of technology. This type of organizer is the perfect way to keep all the cables and batteries sorted.
Whether it be your phone or tablet or camera, being able to recharge things while on the road is important. I always carry a couple of power banks just in case I find myself somewhere without power outlets. I was able to stay fully charged while on safari thanks to my power banks.
I recently discovered the joys of packing cubes. Being able to group everything together in flexible, small, sealable contains makes for easily organized luggage. I love them!
Depending on the destination, waterproofing everything in your luggage or backpack can be very important. Stuff sacks not only help to organize your things but can also help to keep things dry. I generally put all my clothes in these types of sacks when traveling with my backpack.
A larger version of the women’s backpack, I use this one when heading out on multi-day camping treks.
This small pack is one of my favorites when flying. It can hold everything that I would want to keep under the seat in front of me on a flight.
The men’s version of this Mountain Hardware down jacket can be folded up into its own pocket for easy storage. It is very lightweight and warm.
I never leave home without a shawl. A large shawl can be used as a window covering, as a way to wrap up modestly, and even as a quick bag!
I love to read and having an e-reader allows me to carry a small library everywhere I go. The e-ink technology makes the screen easy on the eyes as well.
Every time I head to an adventurous destination, like the Alps or New Zealand, I always make sure to bring a set of trekking poles. I have used Leki poles for over fifteen years. They are incredibly strong and nicely shock absorbent.


    1. Lots of great ideas here. I bought the paperwhite for my husband last year. It’s so nice and small and great for travel. I’ve been thinking about a nice point and shoot camera so I’ll have to check out your Canon Powershot suggestion.

    1. OMG sending this to everyone one of my family members now as I have been traveling on and off for over two years now!

      1. I know! After I started using them I couldn’t believe I ever travelled without them.

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