Christmas Around the World – Hong Kong – Buffets

December 1, 2017

Over the years I have spent Christmas in many different parts of the world. To get everyone into the spirit this holiday season I have decided to write a series of short posts on my Best Christmas Holiday experiences. I hope you find one that inspires you to travel and see the world this holiday season!

The Hong kong Christmas Buffet

When you are traveling during the holidays, the topic of what to eat on Christmas Day inevitably comes up. In Hong Kong the answer is always Buffet. I have eaten my way through a lot of different buffets in my life, but the Hong Kong Christmas Buffets are by far the best.

We are always spoiled for choice with a wide array of Western and Asian inspired appetizers.

Appetizers; Hong Kong; Christmas Buffet
Holiday appetizers

Most of the buffets in Hong Kong focus heavily on seafood as this snowman-topped lobster tower indicates.

Lobster; Hong Kong; Christmas Buffer
Lobster Tower at a Hong Kong Christmas Buffet

Of course, no Christmas dinner is complete without Turkey, Leg of Lamb, and Beef Wellington! It is really nice to have a choice of all the traditional roast meats at the same time.

Roast Meat; Hong Kong; Christmas Buffet
Traditional Roast Meats at a Hong Kong Christmas Buffet

Salads, cheeses, and more seafood choices are another common site at these buffets. There are generally so many choices that I often have a hard time choosing what to eat first.

Seafood Mains; Hong Kong; Christmas Buffet
Seafood and Other Mains

No meal is complete without something sweet at the end of it. Hong Kong Christmas Buffets take their desserts very seriously – there is always a large number of options to choose from. Cheesecakes, puddings, cream cakes, fruit pies, jellies, crepes and fondue are always available.

Desserts; Hong Kong; Christmas Buffet
Christmas Log
Christmas Log

One of the other reasons I love celebrating Christmas at a buffet in Hong Kong, is that the atmosphere is always so festive! Every table has party hats and noise makers. Santa Claus always makes a visit and often has a gift for the children. Some restaurants also offer entertainment ranging from a choir singing Christmas carols to a slight-of-hand magician.

Most of the major hotels offer a Christmas buffet in their main restaurant. A seating is usually 2.5 hours and should be reserved far in advance.

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    1. I normally don’t like buffets. But, boy oh boy, is that a buffet!

      What was your favourite dish you ate as part of the buffett?

      It is great that you shared about different traditions from other cultures.

      Travel is all about immersing yourself in different cultures and you have captured this beautifully.

      Thank you for sharing your adventures and keep travelling!

      1. My favourite dish had to be the beef wellington! I glad you enjoyed the post!

        1. That’s funny, it’s exactly what I thought when I saw the photo…. ooooooh look at the Wellington yum!

      1. That’s one of the great things about Hong Kong buffets – there are always options for all tastes and diets!

    1. I’ve celebrated Christmas in man countries – USA, Philippines, South Korea, and Thailand. This year, it’ll be Canada. Celebrating Christmas over a buffet dinner sounds fantastic. I can see why you had a grand time in Hong Kong. 🙂

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