Christmas Around the World – Finland – Santa Claus and Reindeer

December 5, 2017

Over the years I have spent Christmas in many different parts of the world. To get everyone into the spirit this holiday season I have decided to write a series of short posts on my Best Christmas Holiday experiences. I hope you find one that inspires you to travel and see the world this holiday season!


Far to the north, in the Lapland region of Finland, lies the small village of Rovaniemi. A frozen, snow-covered, winter wonderland in December, the town straddles the Arctic Circle and is home to Santa Claus. Nestled in the trees, Santa’s Village is everything you would want from a visit to Santa’s home. From the post office you can mail a postcard back home and get an Arctic Circle stamp in your passport. Enter Santa’s Workshop for the opportunity to have a picture take with the man himself. The entire time I was in the village I felt like a child again, eagerly awaiting my chance to meet Santa!

Santa Claus; Rovaniemi Finland
Santa Claus in Rovaniemi
Reindeer Safari

Of course, no visit to see Santa would be complete without reindeer and Finland has reindeer to spare. The Sami people, a tribe native to Lapland and the Arctic regions, are probably most well-known for their reindeer herding. While it is possible to drive through the remote back roadsΒ  in search of an elusive reindeer herd, I recommend heading to the Salla Reindeer Park. The park is a two to three hour drive east of Rovaniemi near the Russian border in Salla. Here you can board a reindeer-drawn sleigh and head out into the frozen forest on safari.

Reindeer Safari; Salla, Finland
Reindeer Safari

I absolutely loved the reindeer safari! Gliding through the snow, enjoying the few hours of fleeting light that never moves much past twilight-purple, I fell in love with the stillness of the forest and the vastness of the frozen lakes we encountered.

Winter Wonderland

We spent four days in Finnish Lapland at Christmas time and I loved every minute of it. Everywhere we looked there was something magical and festive. From the perfectly illuminated trees laden with fresh snow to Santa’s Village with all of its family orientated fun to the raw and remote beauty of the Arctic, I am so happy I had the chance to spend Christmas in Finland!

Frozen Forest; Rovaniemi, Finland
Frozen Forest in Rovaniemi

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    1. Beautiful! at this moment I feel lucky to be part Finnish! LOL. I live in Canada where the reindeer are not so common. wish I was in Finland to get to experience this beautiful park! Enjoy your holidays!

    1. Wow! I would love to experience this. I absolutely love Christmas and this sounds magically amazing. Thanks for sharing 😊

    1. I had a friend do this last year, I would love to take my nephews here before they are too old. Where would you find accommodations and such for a place like that?

      1. Rovaniemi is actually a small town with lots of modern accommodation. In Salla we stayed in a cottage complete with fireplace and sauna.

    1. Is there really something like a Raindeer Safari? That is crazy but I love it πŸ˜…πŸ‘Œ plus the Christmas time in a place full of snow must be so magical ❀️😍

    1. What an amazing fun place to visit! Your descriptions and pictures are wonderful.

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