Christmas Around the World – Arizona USA – Snow in the Desert

December 22, 2017

Over the years I have spent Christmas in many different parts of the world. To get everyone into the spirit this holiday season I have decided to write a series of short posts on my Best Christmas Holiday experiences. I hope you find one that inspires you to travel and see the world this holiday season!

Christmas in Arizona

For the last installment in my Christmas Around the World series I am returning home to the state of Arizona in the United States. Christmas in Arizona is a mix of American holiday traditions and unique events that could only occur in a desert environment. The town squares and main streets in almost every town are decorated with lights. Entire neighborhoods are lit up with house after house displaying beautiful and extensive Christmas decorations.

One of my favorite December traditions is driving through the various residential streets looking for the perfectly decorated house.

Christmas Decorations Arizona
Christmas decorations in Prescott Arizona
Northern Arizona – Mountains and Snow

The State of Arizona is divided into two very different climates with the desert region in the south and the mountainous Colorado Plateau in the north. This means that Arizona is one of those rare states where it is possible to have a warm and a cold Christmas on the same day.

Venture to the North and enter a snow filled wonderland with dense forests, canyons, and the San Franciscan Mountain Range. A Christmas in Northern Arizona almost always includes snuggling up next to a roaring fire while snow and icicles cling to the trees outside.

Fireplace Arizona
Staying warm in Northern Arizona
Christmas Day Icicles
Christmas Day Icicles
Southern Arizona – Snow in the Desert

In the southern part of the state cacti rise up out the Sonoran Desert. The sun is bright and temperatures are generally in the seventies (low 20s C) throughout the winter. Christmas in Southern Arizona is filled with clear skies, temperate nights, and holiday lights draped almost everywhere.

Arizona Desert Winter
Arizona Desert in Winter

Every so often a magical event occurs and residents of Southern Arizona awake to snow clinging to the cliffs of the Superstition Mountains.  There is something truly amazing about the sight of snow in the desert. I never tire of this view.

Snow-covered Superstition Mountains Arizona
Snow-Covered Superstition Mountains

I hope you have enjoyed my Christmas Around the World series!

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